Hockey Jerseys  Medhat El Kaissy


Medhat El Kaissy

EPBA  President

Company: Medgenco Group of Companies

Position: EPBA President

Group: Metals, plastics, chemicals, marble, granite, construction

Business Line:

Raw Materials, Machinery, Petrochemicals, Corian.

The leading Egyptian company for the supply of equipment & raw materials. Serving the Egyptian Plastics industry since 1968.

About Medgenco: Medgenco International Trade Co was established in 1968 as a raw materials trade company and emerged at a time when the Egyptian plastics industry was still in its early stages of development. Today, Medgenco has become the leading company in the field of supply of equipment and raw materials to serve the Plastics and Petrochemical industries in Egypt and the middle east neighboring countries. Medgenco is acting as the representative of several worldwide known European suppliers who are each a leader in his own field, we are bound by strong relations and a solid trust which we have gained with our suppliers over the years acting towards the marketing and distribution of their products achieving the volumes of sales and the largest market share.

On the other hand Medgenco acts as the trusted supplier to an array of thousands of satisfied customers ranging from plastic processing factories to large petrochemical plants, all our customers have found Medgenco to be the most reliable supplier and partner to provide all their materials and equipment needs coinciding with their ever growing demand on quality and performance.

Adress: 13, El Bustan, Bab El Louk, Downtown Cairo 11111, Egypt

Tel: 23960982

Mob: 101993333