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EPBA members meeting 19-03-2019

اجتماع الجمعية مع اتحاد الجودو المصرى والمستشار الاقتصادى للسفارة البولندية

بمقر الجمعية يوم الاحد 17/3/2019

Egyptian Polish Businessmen Association in a cooperation with the Polish Chamber of Commerce, Egyptian Businessmen Association, Embassy of Republic of Poland and Polish Trade and Promotion Office in Cairo and Egyptian Commercial Services is going to host a delegation coming from Poland to attend the Economic Conference in Sharm El Sheikh and the Egyptian Polish Economic Forum in Cairo.

The Embassy of Poland together with the "Okularnicy" Foundation, in honour of Agnieszka Osiecka, organize a photo competition. The aim of the inititative is to strenghten relations between Egypt and Poland and encourage to take an active part in the life of communities. Everybody is welcomed to send pictures showing:

We are very happy to announce that thanks to the successful venture of our member companies, Karastoor and Abu Ghali represented by Mr. George William, Mr. Tharwat Shenouda and Mr. Abu Ghali, first transport of Polish apples arrived to Egypt.

The Egyptian Polish Businessman Association is going to Warsaw on its 18th annual Trade Mission to facilitate and promote trade between two countries. EPBA business delegations are comprised of a variety of business sectors and include a wide range of activities.