Hockey Jerseys  Borusewicz in Cairo

The President of the Polish Senate, Mr Bogdan Borusewicz, visited Egypt from the 7 till the 9 June 2009.

The journey took place due to the visit of the representatives of the European Parliament and national parliaments in the Near East countries and it was organized by the Czechs during their UE presidency. Apart from Egypt, the visit concerned the Gaza Strip, Israel and Jordan. The Polish delegation, apart from Mr Borusewicz, consisted of: Ms Anna Zielińska-Głębocka (Polish MP), Mr Witold Śmidowski from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Mr Leszek Biera (the Senate's Chancellery

borusewicz 5

 Visiting medieval Islamic Cairo

borusewicz 6

Meeting with the president of the Egyptian-Polish Businessmen Association - Mr Medhat el-Kaissy

On 7th June 2009 the members of the delegation, together with the President of the Senate, visited the Polish Embassy in order to vote in the elections to the European Parliament, which took place at the very same day

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Casting votes in the Polish Embassy in Cairo

On 8 June the Polish delegation joined other European Parliaments members in order to fulfill the meeting plan with Egyptian authorities. They met, among others, the Minister of Foreign Affairs A. Abul Gheit, the Minister of Law and Parliament Issues M. Szihab, the Presidents of the Lower and higher Chamber of the Egyptian Parliament F. Surur and S. Szerif and the General Secretary of the Arab League A. Musa.

(text & photo: Karol Leśniak)