Hockey Jerseys  Trade Mission 7th – 11th May 2012

Trade missions are organized every year since 1997 in order to focus on our priority of enhancing economic relations between Egypt and Poland by providing the best possible service to our Members in terms of finding new business opportunities and sustain current ones in all fields of business relations: trade, investment and services (especially tourism).

 Despite of current crisis in Europe Poland remains single country in the region with economic growth 4,2%.

In order to execute above mentioned priorities EPBA prepared in Poland two full-day match making sessions for our Members with all the business amenities and service in Marriott Warsaw hotel. Apart of that EPBA Members had chance to attend B2B meetings organized by our long term Polish partners from esteemed organizations as: Polish Chamber of Commerce, Employers of Poland and Business Centre Club. In order to update our Members with current situation in Poland in terms of investment we had also meeting with representatives of Polish Investment Authority (Invest in Poland – PAIIZ) and relevant presentation was provided by PAIIZ as well. One full day was reserved for bilateral meetings and visits between Egyptian and Polish partners prepared individually by our Members.

As Egyptian – Polish bilateral relations are key factor for developing business in all fields between two countries, EPBA Board Members held several meetings on the administration level including Ministry of Economy (meeting with First Undersecretary of State Mrs. Ilona Antoniszyn – Klik) and Polish – Egyptian Parliamentary Group.

Our Association considers that long and reasonable business relations need solid base. That is why we also facilitated with valuable support by ex-Polish Ambassador in Egypt Mr. Grzegorz Dziemidowicz, meeting between two private universities: 6th October University (Egypt) and Collegium Civitas (Poland) in order to establish agreement in field of culture and education for exchange of students and staff between these universities.

Great business needs great and positive atmosphere. Traditionally as every year EPBA prepared welcome dinner in Old City of Warsaw presenting traditional tastes of Polish cuisine and reception cocktail party later that week for EPBA partners, friends and as well as for our Members and their Polish counterparts.

EPBA trade mission 2012