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What is EPBA?

The Egyptian Polish Businessmen Association (EPBA) is a non - profit organization, serving interests of the Polish & Egyptian business community and fostering cooperation between Egypt and Poland.

EPBA was established in July 1997. Today it has over 100 members, covering a broad cross - section of leading Egyptian and Polish corporations and individuals.

We offer to our esteemed members a wide range of services, such as: opening channels of communication between Egyptian and Polish businessmen, organizing trade missions between the two countries, showcasing current key business issues through workshops and seminars and lobbying for change at a government level on behalf of EPBA members. We also provide an access to current and senior Polish and Egyptian government officials.

Since the beginning, we have been focusing on fostering Egyptian Polish relations in all the business fields. Partnering such institutions as Polish Chamber of Commerce, Business Centre Club and Employers of Poland brings our members an access to a long list of trustworthy Polish companies willing to cooperate with Egypt. 
We are doing our best efforts to play an important role in supporting the Egyptian businessmen and indicates the Egyptian government challenges of economic reform by acting as a market facilitator. Our aim is to ensure that Egypt is a right place for foreign investment and development of international trade. Our daily work is based on promoting Egypt and Poland as countries with great economical potential that may bring benefits to investots on both sides.

Aims and Goals

  • foster the development of economic relations between Egypt and Poland by reflecting the voice of private and governmental sector;
  • support its members by finding opportunities for bilateral cooperation and providing means of communication with their counterparts and business community;
  • offer a variety of services to upgrade and promote trade exchange, investment and economic cooperation between Egypt and Poland;
  • work collectively with other organizations in supporting initiatives to empower Egyptian and Polish entrepreneurs to establish their presence within the local and international market and enhance their competitiveness;
  • provide members with accurate information about Egyptian and Polish business, consultation services and market insights;
  • allow a platform to exchange information and mutual learning between Egypt and Poland.


Membership in Egyptian Polish Businessmen Association guarantees facilities that will significantly help you to develop business relations with Polish companies and institutions. We provide following services:

  • Business-to-business meetings with Polish companies and matchmaking based on your business needs;
  • Annual business trips to Poland;
  • Facilitating the communication with Polish and Egyptian governmental and private sector;
  • Access to market surveys and business guides;
  • Legal advisory;
  • Arabic-English-Polish translation during your all business meetings;
  • Sworn and regular translations of documents to Arabic / English /Polish;
  • Monthly newsletter with key Polish and Egyptian business news;
  • Discounts in hotels, private driver , transportation from and to the airport;
  • Sightseeing tours during your business stay.



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